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Instantly Book, Unlock, and Drive Cars in Puerto Rico

Need a car to go across town? Drive PR smart car sharing is way better than a rental car. Book cars on demand by the minute, hour or day. Sign up, drive and return the vehicle — It’s simple.

Drive Car Sharing Puerto Rico Mobile App

Drive Car Sharing Puerto Rico Mobile App

Why Drive PR?

Reserve a car any time without the hassle of a rental agency. Pay only for the time you drive, while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of driving a great car. Without the stress and high costs of owning it.

Save Money with Car Sharing

Drive PR covers insurance, parking, cleaning and maintenance. All costs that can quickly add up with car ownership.

Find Cars Near You

Use Drive PR mobile app to find our available cars nearest you from 3 convenient locations in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Drive on-demand

Simply book and drive. No more waiting in lines or dealing with poor customer service. We instantly put you in the driver’s seat.

Say Goodbye to Public Transit

Freedom to drive when you want — whether you need a car to run local errands, attend special events or just for the weekend.

Why Drive Car Sharing in Puerto Rico

Why Drive Car Sharing in Puerto Rico

How it works?

1. Sign up for Drive PR

Apply online with a valid driver’s license. Most cases are approved within 1-2 business days and you can start booking.

2. Drive on-demand

Download Drive PR mobile app, book available cars in our Home Area and drive. Use our app to unlock and lock the vehicle.

3. Return to Home Area

Once you’re done, park the car in the same Home Area or designated parking lot where you picked it up and use the app to end your trip.


Get the Drive PR app

Our car sharing app is intuitive and easy-to-use. You can find, book, and unlock cars with your Android or iOS device any time you need to commute, explore, or run errands.

Locate available cars

Search for cars and find your ride with our interactive map.

Reserve cars in advance

Book your trip days, weeks or months ahead of time.

Start trips

Use the app to start your trip, unlock and go; the road awaits.

End trip

At the end of your trip, do all the end trip checklist tasks.

Download Drive Car Sharing Puerto Rico Mobile App Features

Download Drive Car Sharing Puerto Rico Mobile App Features

Check trip duration and charges

Keep track of how long you drove and the amount spent.

View all past trips

See a history of your trips and watch how you enjoy driving.

Change account settings

Manage your account info, activity, security, and privacy.

Drive PR Membership Plan & Pricing

No surprise fees. Cancel anytime.

Annual $20/Year

Driving rates starting from as low as $0.66/min and $10/hr.

Membership includes:
24/7 Roadside Assistance
Washing & Cleaning
Sign up Now

* Includes parking in Drive PR designated parking spots only.

Vehicle TypeMinutesHourlyDailyWeek
COMPACT$ 0.66$10.00$80.00$500.00

Starting rates are estimates only and do not reflect variations due to discounts, availability, holidays, or other factors. Actual prices may vary. Other fees may apply. You may review your total estimated reservation cost before you confirm your reservation. Prices do not include tax and other charges (Gas, Fines, Toll, etc.).

Meet some of our cars

Drive PR come in all shapes and sizes—compact cars, SUVs, pickups, and more.
Change it up whenever you feel like driving something diffrent.

Starting rates are estimates only.

Home area & drive zone

HOME AREA – These are the areas predefined by DRIVE PR in each of the areas we operate as the exclusive area to start and end a trip.

Free Floating vs Designated Parking

  • Free Floating Parking – members can pick up and drop off any car anywhere in the Home Area (read our parking rules):
    • Condado San Juan
    • Isla Verde Carolina
  • Designated Parking Spot – members must pick up and drop off the vehicle specifically in a designated parking lot:
    • Domenech Ave. #280, San Juan

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Always leave the vehicle in the HOME AREA where you picked up the vehicle. If you picked up a vehicle in HOME AREA (Designated Parking), you must return the vehicle to the same designated parking lot where you started your trip. If you picked up the vehicle in HOME AREA (Floating Parking), you could park the vehicle within the same HOME AREA (Floating Parking) where the trip started. At the moment, the vehicle is only allowed to be picked up and left in the same HOME AREA where the trip began.

DRIVE ZONE – is the area that you can use the Vehicle.

  • Anywhere in the main island of Puerto Rico

NO-DRIVE ZONE – is an area and/or place that you are not allowed to drive or park a Vehicle at any time.

  • Vieques and Culebra

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